Water In The Desert

Shining Light Ministries is hosting an event on Wed, June 26 (7:30-9pm at Redeemer W83rd) to celebrate 20 years of unique work in prison through the gospel and excellence in the arts. Come learn more about the ministry and meet special guest Amanda Cortes, a 3-time Workshop participant whose smile and story is an absolute inspiration. (Amanda hold's Philadelphia's "record" for the longest time served while waiting for trial - 7 years. In 2015, she had a plan to end her life. Today she is reunited with her mother and teenage son, working a steady job, and aspiring to be a prison chaplain) For more information on Shining Light, visit shining-light.com. To RSVP go to http://bit.ly/waterinthedesert_rsvp or learn more about the event, reach out to Kelly Enck (kelly@shining-light.com) or Zach Barnes.