What is "Year of Biblical literacy"?

Year of Biblical Literacy is our response to a clear call to raise the value of God's Word in our community. We invite you to take this year long journey with us as we immerse ourselves in Scripture to better know, understand and experience the story, presence, and power of God in our lives today. Download the Read Scripture app or PDF below.


Year of Biblical Literacy is built upon a shared daily Bible reading plan. The Bible Project and Read Scripture have created a unique and powerful daily Bible-reading experience called Read Scripture, to help you engage with the Bible throughout the year. We highly encourage you to download the Read Scripture App below as it cleanly presents each day's reading along with the beautiful Read Scripture videos. You can also download the PDF version.

If you use a screen reader, do not own a smart phone, or simply prefer a different method for reading, visit The Bible Project online and sign up to receive the readings in a weekly email or download and print the PDF below.


A large portion of the Year of Biblical Literacy is intended to be experienced in community, or small groups, as most of the Bible is written to a people, a nation, or a church, and not necessarily to one individual. There is no real way to fully embody or apply the Scriptures outside of community. If you do not already belong to a group, we encourage you to look through our groups directory and find a community that's right for you. Each group will be participating in YOBL in 2018.


Experiencing God in Scripture and worship on a Sunday is an important layer of YOBL. The sermons we teach throughout 2018 will loosely follow the daily reading plan which means we will be teaching out of a relatively similar place to where we are at in the readings throughout the year. The sermons will be broken up into smaller, more digestible series to help us follow the story of the Bible and the story of God within the Bible.